Trouble with Scrivener on Windows 7

I've had a problem running Scrivener on my work computer with Windows 7 since I got the computer last year. Today I finally decided to see if I could fix it. The fix was easier than I thought. Over at the Knowledge Base for Scrivener I found the post Fixing "Not Responding" with Compatibility Settings which solved my »

Delingsøkonomi og profesjonelle aktører

Hvorfor omtales Uber som en del av "delingsøkonomien"? Det samme lurer jeg på for profesjonelle utleiere som benytter AirBnb. Hvis jeg som privatperson leier ut et rom i mitt hus, som jeg bor i, via AirBnb så er det en del av delingsøkonomien. Hvis jeg derimot kjøper leiligheter i Oslo for å leie ut via AirBnb så påstår »

Resetting corrupt "always available offline" database

For my work computer I keep a Outlook Data File (.pst), as a place to backup email. I keep the pst-file on my network share, which ensure that it's backed up. Recently I've experienced trouble with this solution when I've disconnected from the network while Outlook is running. I end up with a corrupt Offline Files Database which fail when »