Happy with Ghost as my blogging platform

Today I finally found the time to go back to my blog, it's been a busy week and a half. One of the first things I usually do is to log on to Ghost's Slack to see if there has been any activity. Today was no different and I was again happily surprised when browsing through the backlog in the »


Tilbake i førsteklasse på videregående skrev jeg dette diktet som en norsk oppgave. Jeg skrev det på en PC, men som følge av at en harddisk døde trodde jeg det var borte. Etter at foreldrene mine nå ryddet i kjelleren fant de igjen en bunke med mine papirer fra VGS. Jeg gikk igjennom papirene og fant igjen dette diktet. Jeg »

Getting Ghost up and running on Mac OS X

I figured it would be nice to have Ghost up and running locally on my machine if I'm to mess around with themes. So today I installed Node.js, cloned Ghost from GitHub and got it all working. I followed the instructions from https://github.com/TryGhost/Ghost#developer-install-from-git with a few tweaks. You need to run the npm install »

I'm not using Discourse for blog comments

After reading more about using Discourse for comments I've realised that it's not a good fit for me. There is a solution for Discourse where you can get X number of the best replies shown under a blog post or article. But you will not have a "leave a comment" area under the blog post, the reader will »