I'm not using Discourse for blog comments

After reading more about using Discourse for comments I've realised that it's not a good fit for me. There is a solution for Discourse where you can get X number of the best replies shown under a blog post or article. But you will not have a "leave a comment" area under the blog post, the reader will have to »

Disqus inserting ads in your comments?

As I continued looking into which system to use for comments I came across a blog post by John Saddington about using Discourse for comments. What I found most interesting though, was this comment about Disqus. Things are changing though and Disqus is moving to capitalize on commenters and even going as far as inserting advertisements in the comment stream »

Choosing a comment system / platform

After playing with Ghost for a couple of days I still haven't figured out what to do with comments. Ideally I want something like Wordpress' built in system, where you can post "anonymously" without registering and still get updates by email. I have read a few blog posts recently that made me look at using Twitter for comments. That might »

Slutt på kommentarfeltene?

Jeg fikk endelig tid til å lese Eirik Newths innlegg, Å faen. Eller: Derfor bør avisene droppe kommentarfeltet, om kommentarfeltene hos nettavisene i kveld. Jeg må si meg enig med han, kommentarfeltene hos de store avisene bør fjernes. Det finnes, som Newth nevner, steder på nettet hvor kommentarfeltet fungerer utmerket, men det finnes alt for mange steder hvor de gjør »