Wordpress.com blog names realisation

Since I decided to start keeping a blog / diary again, I went to wordpress.com and intended to reactivate my blog. Several years ago I created a blog at wordpress.com to test it out, but I decided not to keep it. I deleted the blog, and thought I could reactivate it when I decided to start blogging again.

What I didn’t realise back then, is that any blog name (blogname.wordpress.com) that are created and then deleted will not be released / become available again. Not even for the person that created and deleted it in the first place.

There are several very good reasons why this is the policy of wordpress.com and you can read more about that in the support pages.

Unfortunately this means I had to find a new name for my blog, and I decided to just make it personal and use my name.

So here it is, my blog, where I intend to write about what I find interesting, when I come across it…