Getting Ghost up and running on Mac OS X

I figured it would be nice to have Ghost up and running locally on my machine if I’m to mess around with themes. So today I installed Node.js, cloned Ghost from GitHub and got it all working.

I followed the instructions from with a few tweaks. You need to run the npm install commands using sudo (they will fail and then tell you to rerun as root). I also downloaded and installed Node.js v0.10.40 from install package. Node.js v0.10.40 has several security fixes and is probably a better choice than v0.10.36 I saw recommended somewhere.

Surprisingly easy to get it all running when I figured out that npm install needs root permissions and gruntdoes not after a tip from @acburdine in #ghost on Ghost Slack.

Edit 2015-07-19: It should be possible to run npm install without sudo, according to @fabian over at Ghost Slack. I’ll see if I can reproduce my troubles from yesterday and figure out what was wrong.