Happy with Ghost as my blogging platform

Today I finally found the time to go back to my blog, it’s been a busy week and a half. One of the first things I usually do is to log on to Ghost’s Slack to see if there has been any activity. Today was no different and I was again happily surprised when browsing through the backlog in the channels.

The Ghost team isn’t large, but they are very active on their Slack and questions often get a reply within minutes. There are a lot of questions about Ghost, and almost every single one seems to have a simple solution. I’m getting a very good vibe about Ghost and the work that’s gone into it so far.

The team also answers a lot of non-Ghost questions, about anything from hosting (including Digital Ocean and other places) to configuring your webserver. It’s very reassuring to see such a competent team working on Ghost. I’m really looking forward to modifying my theme and adding functionality in the coming months.