Windows 7 can't install from Kingston USB stick

I recently discovered that it's impossible to install Windows 7 from a Kingston USB stick. It turns out this is a known problem with Kingston DataTravel sticks. I had this problem while installing Windows 7 Pro on an old Panasonic Toughbook CF-31. It's not obvious that you can't install from these USB sticks, since you can boot into the Windows »

Trouble with Scrivener on Windows 7

I've had a problem running Scrivener on my work computer with Windows 7 since I got the computer last year. Today I finally decided to see if I could fix it. The fix was easier than I thought. Over at the Knowledge Base for Scrivener I found the post Fixing "Not Responding" with Compatibility Settings which solved my »

Resetting corrupt "always available offline" database

For my work computer I keep a Outlook Data File (.pst), as a place to backup email. I keep the pst-file on my network share, which ensure that it's backed up. Recently I've experienced trouble with this solution when I've disconnected from the network while Outlook is running. I end up with a corrupt Offline Files Database which fail when »

Batch add prefix to filenames windows 7

I had a bit of a challenge wading through heaps of blogs and pages trying to find the easiest way to batch add a prefix to filenames. I wanted to add a prefix to all files in a folder, preferably using a vanilla windows command line prompt. The rename (ren) command was a good candidate, but I had some trouble »